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Topical Points

"Profits grab by energy firms."

Extracts from Sunday Times 18 November 2012

Energy suppliers are pocketing the biggest profit margins for more than two years as households suffer painful rises in gas and electricity prices.

Since the summer, the average profit margin for each dual fuel customer has increased from £35 to £55, the highest level since August 2010, according to figures from Ofgem, the regulator. This equates to a 57% jump and would add up to almost £1bn a year, based on 16.9m customers.

The figures follow announcments last week of soaring profits by two of the biggest power firms.

Last week there were also claims that wholesale energy prices, which account for about 50% of domestic bills, had been manipulated by traders. The Financial Services Authority is investigating.

"Consumers warned not to fall for the advertising hype."

Extracts from "The Sunday Times" 20th May 2012 by Esther Shaw

Households are facing confusing claims and hollow price promises from companies looking to sign them up for new energy tariffs, broadband and home insurance policies.

A recent investigation by Which?, the Consumer Association, has discovered misleading advertising by a wide range of companies.

Peter Vicary Smith, chief executive of Which?, said: "There are strict rules on how these companies can advertise and the regulators are clearly not being as active as they should be."

Are you seeing red over energy pricing tactics?

Extracts from The Sunday Times 06 May 2012 by Ali Hussain

..."they forfeit a "loyalty bonus", which is paid only after a year. However, the discount is used by the power firms to jump to the top of the best-buy tables on comparison websites."

..."if they switched before receiving their bonus. It makes the tariff one of the most expensive on the market for online dual fuel."

A customer said, "It's not a bonus at all - it is simply a pay back of their overcharging."

"Some readers complained they had to chase ....the 12-month loyalty bonus - even though it should be paid automatically." ...After several complaints to the company the account was credited at the end of March - almost four months late."

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If you live in the UK it is possible to find guaranteed savings from the forecast rises in power costs. We can show you how to bring down expenditure upon lighting and heating from these forecast increases. If this is of interest please call:- 01353 610 600